This Agreement on General Conditions of Service and Use of the Website (hereinafter “General Conditions”) defines the standards of use of the website (hereinafter, the “website”), as well as the legal agreement between Boxmotions SL (hereinafter, “Boxmotions”, “the Company” or “We”) and the Clients / clients (hereinafter, the “Customer” or “You”) of this website or of the services offered by Boxmotions.

This set of General Conditions represents the unique agreement between Boxmotions and the Client for the provision of our services.

Each party acknowledges that it cannot be based on other terms, guarantees or representations given or carried out by the other, whether explicit or implicit if they are not expressly incorporated in a written contract.

The use of the site implies the total acceptance of these General Conditions. If you do not agree with them, you must leave and stop using the website immediately.

Similarly, the use of the services provided by Boxmotions, contracted "online" or "offline", implies the total acceptance and application of these General Conditions provided as long as you and the Company do not previously agree in writing through another document.

Before hiring our service, you must explicitly accept these General Conditions. Please take a few minutes to read this document carefully before accepting it.


In compliance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on the Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the following identifying data of the owner of the Platform are presented:

  • Corporate Name: Boxmotions, S.L.

  • Registered office: Paseo de Gracia, number 50, 5th floor, Barcelona (08007) – Spain

  • Registration Data in the Mercantile Registry: Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Volume 4643, Folio 42, Sheet B477924

  • Tax Identification Number (NIF): B66663386

  • Email:


Boxmotions is a company dedicated to the storage of objects. It offers its customers different spaces with prices adapted to these spaces along with collection and delivery of the objects to be stored (hereinafter, the "Service").


To request the Service and to be bound by contract, the Client must be at least 18 years old, or, if applicable, to have sufficient legal capacity to enter into this contract. Moreover, you must report your name, identification number, country of residence, mailing address, email address and credit card number and/or bank account where you would like to receive the charging for the Service. In case of companies or self-employed, these must be incorporated in the form of corporate data, such as company name, CIF number, mailing address, among others, along with details of the person responsible for the entity, if any.

The Client guarantees that the Personal Data provided is true and accurate, and undertakes to notify any change or modification thereof. Boxmotions reserves, without being obliged to do so, the right to request any official information in order to verify the veracity of the Personal and / or corporate Data provided by Clients.

Once the Client has registered on the Platform, they will be able to select the plan they deem appropriate based on the space they consider they are going to use. Boxmotions will contact you, through electronic means, to verify that indeed the selected Plan is the most convenient for you, or, where appropriate, propose different alternatives for you.


Once we know the space you need to store, you can choose between the following two modalities:

  • “Regular Transportation” modality: If you select this mode, Boxmotions provides a free transportation service at all pickups. However, if the collection time exceeds thirty (30) minutes, for a greater number of objects to be collected than previously reported, Boxmotions will apply the following amounts as extra time depending on the number of operators necessary for the transfer. of the objects to the warehouse:

Number of Operators

Extra Charge

2 operators

€79.00/hour (taxes included)

3 operators

€119.00/hour (taxes included)

4 operators

€159.00/hour (taxes included)

*The extra charge will be divided by the minutes actually consumed

In the following collections, the free loading time will be fifteen (15) minutes. In case of exceeding the aforementioned period, the above-mentioned price list will be applied again.

n relation to deliveries, through this modality, Boxmotions provides free transportation service of the first delivery of items. However, from the second delivery of items, the Client must pay € 9.90 for each delivery. In any case, the estimated time for unloading the objects to be delivered is fifteen (15) minutes, after this period in the unloading of the objects; the prices estimated in the table of this modality will be applied.

For the final delivery, and having been exceeded the estimated time of fifteen (15) minutes, the estimated prices in the following table of this modality will also be applied to the User. However, prior to the final delivery of the objects, the user will be required to reserve an advance payment according to the following table:

Real contracted space

The amount of the down payment required

2 square meters


3 square meters


4 square meters


5 square meters


6 square meters


7,5 square meters


9 square meters


10 square meters


12,5 square meters


15 square meters


20 square meters


25 square meters


30 square meters


40 square meters


*The indicated amounts above will be billed plus all applicable taxes.

Once the final delivery of the stored objects is completed, it will be proceeded to the full settlement according to the real time invested.

  • “Fixed Transport” modality: If you select this mode, Boxmotions will send you a proposal with a fixed price for loading at home and unloading at the warehouse, as well as for the first delivery, without any time limit. Regarding the subsequent collection of objects, the Client has fifteen (15) minutes of picking time, at no cost. In the case in which, due to the volume of objects, the use of extra time is necessary, the following table will be applied:

Number of Operators

Extra Charge

2 operators

€79.00/hour (taxes included)

3 operators

€119.00/hour (taxes included)

4 operators

€159.00/hour (taxes included)

**The extra charge will be divided by the minutes actually consumed.

In relation to intermediate deliveries that do not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the stored objects, through this mode, the first delivery will have no cost. However, from the second delivery of items, the Client must pay € 9.90 for each delivery. In any case, the estimated time for unloading the objects to be delivered is fifteen (15) minutes, after this period in the unloading of the objects; the prices estimated in the table of this modality will be applied.

The agreed price, closed and budgeted by Boxmotions, will be paid by the Client in two phases. A first payment for fifty percent (50%) of the amount with the first collection of objects, and fifty percent (50%) with the first delivery.


Boxmotions staff will travel to the place indicated by the Client where they will collect the packages object of storage. Before sealing the objects and/or boxes offered by the Company, our staff will take photographs of them, which will serve as reliable proof of the state in which they are before being stored. After taking pictures, the objects and/or boxes will be packed or sealed, and then stored. The objects and/or boxes will remain in the conditions in which the Client has delivered them to Boxmotions until the end of the contractual relationship. If you want to store files in paper format, they must be previously protected. In this way, the photographs taken by Boxmotions will not contemplate the content of said files, but only their bracket and / or packaging. Boxmotions will have no knowledge of the content of the files. Once these photographs have been taken, the Client will be responsible for depositing the indicated supports in containers and / or containers with restricted access.

During the collection, you can determine the place and time section that best suits your needs. The time intervals in which Boxmotions performs this service are detailed in the reservation form, which you will find in your customer account. Boxmotions reserves the right to modify the time section in which to carry out the appointment in case of operational impossibility. Likewise, the Company will offer the Client new alternatives for the collection of the objects. In case these new alternatives do not suit your convenience, we will give you the possibility to cancel the service at no cost to you.

At the end of the collection of objects, Boxmotions will prepare a delivery note where the number of boxes, objects, any damage to objects that have previously been detected by Boxmotions, User requests and any anomaly that may have arisen during the collection process will be collected. and / or transfer to our warehouses of the objects. Said delivery note will be signed by Boxmotions and the Client in duplicate, both parties keeping a copy of it. In any case, the Client may include on the waybill the comments he deems appropriate. In this latter case, the Client will have the time he deems appropriate to include the comments he deems necessary without the time spent on this action could be accounted for any additional charge.

The Client may cancel and / or modify his reservation at any time. In the event that the Client cancels the collection of the objects once the transport service has started to the postal address provided by the Client, the Client must pay the amount derived from the transport costs, which vary depending on the plan initially selected by the User.

Plan by Square Meters

Amount to pay (taxes included)

Plan by Items


0.5 m² to 9 m² Plan


10 m² to 15 m² Plan


16 m² to 20 m² Plan


21 m² to 30 m² Plan


From 31 m² to more Plan



Boxmotions, offers those Clients who do not have packing boxes, different options for the protection of their objects. In this sense, it makes available to Users the rental of safe plastic boxes for the amount of money of three euros and ninety cents (€3,90) each box. This amount will be paid in a single payment. The rental of the boxes for the entire storage period contracted by the Client, that is, a single payment. Once the contracting period has ended or the Customer has requested the cancellation of the service, the latter must return the plastic boxes to Boxmotions. The rental of plastic boxes can only be made for the storage of objects through Boxmotions.

Furthermore, Boxmotions offers the possibility of buying cardboard boxes. Specifically, it offers two types of boxes:

  • Wardrobe boxes for the amount of ten euros and ninety cents (€10,90) each box.

  • Television Boxes, for the amount of four euros and ninety cents (€4,90) each box.

In case of wanting to use the aforementioned service in this section, the Client may request the delivery of the plastic boxes on the day of collection of the objects, or any day prior to it. In the latter case, the anticipated delivery of the plastic boxes will cost twenty-nine euros and ninety cents (€29.90). Furthermore, the delivery of the wardrobe boxes and / or the television boxes will be made only on the day selected for the collection of the objects at no additional cost, except for the purchase price of the same.

The payments for the use of the aforementioned services in this section will be applied together with the first fee of the Client, except in case of opting for the pre-delivery of the plastic boxes since their collection will be made immediately on the delivery date of said packaging for rent. In the case that the Client cancels the service, the amount will be reimbursed through the same means of payment used by the Client.

The purchase, as well as the rental of the plastic boxes, is optional for the Customer. For its part, Boxmotions, recommends the use of the boxes provided for the Client for a better conservation of the objects to be stored.

Once the contracted period is over, or after the Client has requested to cancel the service, the Client must return all the plastic boxes rented to Boxmotions. In these cases, the Client may choose to return the boxes at the time of delivery of the stored objects, in which case they will not have to pay any amount, or on the contrary, they may return them later. In the latter case, the Client has a period of fourteen (14) business days to return the boxes.

The cost for collecting the plastic boxes during the fourteen (14) business day period mentioned in the previous paragraph amounts to the amount of twenty-nine euros and ninety cents (€ 29.90).

In the case of not returning the plastic boxes during the period of fourteen (14) business days, the Client must pay the amount of nineteen euros and ninety cents (€19.90) for each of the plastic boxes not returned to Boxmotions.

The Client has fourteen (14) calendar days, without having to indicate any reason to exercise their right of withdrawal with respect to the closet boxes and television boxes. In this case, the Client must notify Boxmotions via email about their desire to exercise said right. The return of the wardrobe boxes and / or the television boxes will not entail any cost for the Client. For its part, Boxmotions has a period of fourteen (14) calendar days, if applicable, from the notification of the withdrawal exercise by the Client for the reimbursement of the amounts paid for the purchase of the wardrobe boxes and / or TV boxes. The amount of money will be reimbursed to the Client through the same means of payment used to purchase the boxes.

In this sense, for a correct exercise of the right of withdrawal, the wardrobe boxes and / or television boxes subject to return must be delivered to Boxmotions without having been used, damaged and / or altered.


The Client, in any case and for security reasons, will have access to the Boxmotions warehouse where the objects are deposited. If the Client needs any of the stored objects, he must simply request it through the Client Account and it will be returned within forty-eight (48) hours.

If a delivery or collection requires special operations, (the need for a lifting platform or the need for more than one operator to load/unload) the collection and delivery times reserved by the Client may be affected.

In this case, Boxmotions will agree with the Client the most appropriate schedules for both parties.

The furniture disassembly service must always be associated with the collection of the item in the same appointment, and it is not possible to schedule more than one appointment to complete the disassembly.

It is not possible to make more than two collections / deliveries to the same address in a single one week.

In the case that the Client is not satisfied with the two previous points, he will have the right to process the cancellation of the service by previously paying the amount of money corresponding to the minimum contracted period. Boxmotions reserves itself the right to expand the number of appointments.

It may happen that for the collection service, the Client needs to disassemble furniture. In these cases, Boxmotions can perform the disassembly service, which will necessarily always be linked to the collection. Thus, if the Client wishes to use the furniture disassembly service, the furniture will be transferred to the Boxmotions facilities immediately after said disassembly.

Boxmotions does not know the actual status and operation of the electrical appliances and electronic devices to be stored and moved. Boxmotions will not be responsible for internal damage to the functioning of appliances after collection, unless there is external damage to support internal damage. Boxmotions does not recommend storing this type of object, but if it is done at the request of the Client, this decision will be noted on the waybill.

In this sense, it is reported that when Boxmotions moves electrical appliances and / or electronic devices, it may be necessary to tilt or rotate them in a position that is not vertical. Doing so can cause loose components inside to cause damage to the interior. On the other hand, the vibration produced in these objects as a result of their transfer can, in the same way, cause breakdowns. Boxmotions will not be responsible in these cases for any inconvenience produced in these objects by decision of the Client.

Due to our agents are not appliance technicians, the Client agrees to accept responsibility for all damage to property or third parties, should they insist that our agents disconnect one of these appliances. Boxmotions will not perform any disconnection of gas appliances, under any circumstances. The agent will not be responsible for any fire, leakage or breakage of water pipes or any electrical damage or related to the disconnection of any appliance. The Customer accepts responsibility for any damage arising from the disconnection of appliances, including but not limited to washers, dryers, refrigerators.

We do not recommend the move and storage of wooden articles, chipboard and particle boards, since they are products that tend to break when they are moved due to its fragility, the slightest movement could destroy the piece. Consequently, it will be the Client's responsibility to disassemble and reassemble these items due to this inherent risk. Boxmotions will not mount any pressed wood or particleboard items because the most frequent damage occurs to these items and they are generally not assembled as in their original condition. In the event that Boxmotions carry out the disassembly of this type of furniture at the request of the Client, Boxmotions disclaims all responsibility.

Boxmotions disclaims responsibility when moving and storing fragile objects without the proper packaging or those recommended by Boxmotions. Unpacked items of a fragile or breakable nature, including, but not limited to, the following: mattresses, glass of any kind, lamps, lampshades, mirrors, marble, granite, stone, ceramic, LCD or plasma televisions, and artwork of any type, all these objects must be packed with suitable materials. Damage claims will not be accepted unless the shipping agent had packed these items in the recommended packaging. The Client accepts responsibility for any item that is placed in our vehicles without proper packaging. Boxmotions will always recommend appropriate packaging for such items.

Boxmotions recommends the use of the company's own boxes for packaging objects and conserving them. These boxes are offered on the web and can be purchased together with the hiring of the storage service.

Boxmotions will not disassemble any furniture or items that involve the use of machines or are attached to the wall and / or ceiling.

Boxmotions is only responsible for those stored items that have been visually inspected, packed and photographed by Boxmotions. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for verifying that Boxmotions has photographed and inventoried all stored items and. The waybill that Boxmotions provides you is a true and complete inventory of the personal property presented, the same that you will sign at the end of the service or in relation to any delivery of articles during the contracting period. In this event, with the delivery of items by Boxmotions to the Client, he must carry out the necessary checks to assess the state of the items delivered to include the comments he deems appropriate on the delivery note. The time spent to the aforementioned checks does not count in any case for the temporary positions established in each modality of contracting the service.

You hereby waive and release Boxmotions from liability for any damage to items that were not packed, sealed, inspected and photographed by Boxmotions. Boxmotions uses all kinds of packaging materials necessary to ensure safe transportation. If any of the items are not boxed or protected with moving blankets, you are solely responsible for the damage to those items.

In case Boxmotions detects any type of damage in your objects and / or you do not agree to pack your items, you can write down any aspect on the waybill at the end of the service.

We provide storage services in all cities in the province of Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, as well as in the city of Paris (France). For this we have several establishments distributed throughout these cities, where the objects will be stored. For its part, Boxmotions reserves the right to ultimately choose the final location of the items to be stored.


The price for the Service offered, as well as for the accessories that you wish to acquire through our Platform for a better conservation of your objects, will be the indicated in euros at the time of acceptance of the offer by the Client. The amount of money always includes all applicable taxes.

You may pay the costs for the Service through a payment gateway intended for this purpose, which will allow you to make the payment by using your debit and/or credit card, or by bank transfer with the information provided to you through the payment form. In case of acquiring a monthly plan, the selected quota will be deducted through the debit or credit card provided for this purpose. You can ask Boxmotions for the invoice for the contracted fee, which will be sent to the email address you provide.

The first payment associated with a storage plan will be made seventy-two hours in advance (72 hours) before the initial collection of storage to be stored (hereinafter, the "Initial Fee"). To do this, the User will have provided through the forms provided in the Platform their credit and / or debit card details with which they will make the payment of the monthly payments.

It may be the case that the charge by Boxmotions cannot be made due to lack of funds from the User. In this case, Boxmotions will contact the User informing about this situation. If forty-eight hours (48 hours) have elapsed from the communication by Boxmotions to the User, without the latter having made the payment, Boxmotions will immediately proceed to cancel the initial collection service, notifying the User by email.

Likewise, if the User has contracted "Fixed Transportation", the first payment for transportation will be made for the initial fifty percent (50%) budgeted and accepted, at the time of the first collection, and the final fifty percent (50%) with the first delivery, if it exceeds fifty percent (50%) of the stored objects.

The Initial Fee will be reimbursed to the User always before any cancellation of the Service, and as long as said cancellation is made prior to any initial collection of objects.

It may be the case that you have not correctly described the objects intended to be stored, the volume or quantity of boxes. Keep in mind that the carriers that collect the items to be stored do not know the plan you want to contract with Boxmotions. Consequently, the initial plan selected may not fit the one initially offered. In this sense, Boxmotions reserves the right to modify the plan in relation to the actual volume of the objects to be stored. In this case, the Client has the option of accepting the new plan, or, on the contrary, choosing to have his objects returned.

In this second case, the Client will be notified of the amount to be paid and will have a period of 10 calendar days, this aforementioned amount is the time spent to returning the objects, as well as the personnel assigned to aforementioned tasks. However, the amounts paid as the Initial Subscription Fee will be reimbursed, as long as it is within the aforementioned period. The amounts derived from the collection must be paid.

Plan by Square Meters

The amount to be paid

Plan by Items

€80.00 (taxes included)

0.5 m² Plan

€80.00 (taxes included)

1 m² Plan

€100.00 (taxes included)

2 m² Plan

€120.00 (taxes included)

3 m² Plan

€150.00 (taxes included)

4 m² Plan

€170.00 (taxes included)

5 m² Plan

€200.00 (taxes included)

6 m² Plan

€230.00 (taxes included)

7,5 m² Plan

€260.00 (taxes included)

9 m² Plan

€310.00 (taxes included)

10 m² Plan

€330.00 (taxes included)

12.5 m² Plan

€460.00 (taxes included)

15 m² Plan

€520.00 (taxes included)

20 m² Plan

€650.00 (taxes included)

25 m² Plan

€850.00 (taxes included)

30 m² Plan

€980.00 (taxes included)

The Boxmotions service storage plans will be monthly, quarterly, semester and / or annually, depending on the plan that the Client contracts, and will always appear reflected in our Platform.

Once the Service has been contracted, the Client will receive an email from Boxmotions in his email account assigned for this purpose, informing about the purchase of the Service.

If you do not receive the email about contracting the Service, please contact Boxmotions at the email address


The Client is responsible for the payment of the Service within the stipulated period. After seven (7) calendar days from the non-payment of a fee, it will be required by Boxmotions and duly from the Client at the address or the means of communication designated for this purpose, therefore within seven (7) calendar days from receipt of the communication, it will be proceeded to pay the fees owed, or on the contrary, it will be proceeded to cancel the service and the corresponding delivery of the stored objects. This payment request will be sent to the Client up to three (3) times with a minimum difference of seven (7) days between each of them, in the event that the Client would not make the payment of the claimed amount or would not proceed to cancel the Service.

If once the 3 requirements have been submitted, the Client had not proceeded to regularize the situation or withdraw their assets, Boxmotions may resolve the relationship with the Client and will again send duly communication by informing of such circumstance and granting a new period of 7 calendar days from the receipt of the communication of termination of the contract for the delivery of the goods and stored objects. Boxmotions will proceed to deliver the objects at the Client's request. In any event, the Client will be obliged to pay the unpaid fees. The delivery of the objects and articles will be documented and signed by both parties through the waybill.

In the event that the Client would not proceed to request the delivery of the stored objects, five (5) weeks after the non-payment and after submitting all the indicated requirements, Boxmotions may remove the movable property from the storage room and deposit them where it deems appropriate, without that in no case he could be able to have. The deposit of the stored articles and objects will be carried out in the presence of third parties who do not have a working relationship with Boxmotions.

After 8 weeks from the date of non-payment, or 4 weeks from having received the communication of termination of the contract without the Client would have proceeded to cancel the service and/or withdraw and corresponding delivery of the stored objects, it will be understood that the Client RESIGNATES their right of ownership over the stored goods, being Boxmotions empowered to deliver them where it deems appropriate in a non-profit way.

You guarantee and take responsibility for the contents of the boxes and other items that you deliver to Boxmotions staff. This means that You are the owner of all items (except the boxes supplied by the Company in terms of renting).

You guarantee that you have filled out all the boxes and that you know their contents first hand.

You guarantee that none of the boxes contain any of the prohibited objects determined in the “Prohibited Storage Objects” section.

When returning the items in boxes to the Customer, he must ensure that all the boxes are properly sealed before opening. Otherwise, you should contact Boxmotions staff before opening it.

The Client undertakes to make diligent use of the website and the services offered by the Company in accordance with these General Conditions. Any damage, including cost, sanction or loss of benefits resulting from breach of the obligations set forth herein by the Client, will be the responsibility of the latter.


You as a Client guarantee that none of the boxes or stored objects contain any of the prohibited items in the following list:

  • Objects of a potentially dangerous nature (such as, without limitation, weapons, flammables, objects susceptible to explosions or radioactive materials).

  • Objects whose possession is illegal according to the legality of the country where they are stored.

  • Live animals or live plants.

  • Perishable objects (such as, without limitation, food, organic matter or any biodegradable object).

  • Medications or other chemicals that may be potentially toxic.

  • Works of art of great economic value.

  • Bulky items, of great weight and / or those that could endanger the physical integrity of the operators, such as, pool tables, pianos, lawnmowers, safes, hot tubs and other items that can be added to it, among others.

Similarly, goods of high monetary value are excluded from being stored, including, without limitation, precious stones and/or jewellery.

In the case that the Client manages to hide any of the prohibited objects, listed in this document, within the packages, boxes or packed articles, he will be liable for any damage caused to Boxmotions and / or third parties, for damages and / or losses caused by the storage of any prohibited object.

By accepting this document, you expressly accept and declare that you are not storing any of the expressly prohibited objects described in the "Prohibited objects" clause.

Boxmotions reserves the right to reject any box or object suspected of containing any of the prohibited or excluded items in this section. In that case, the money will not be returned to the Client and we reserve the right to transfer the box or object in question to the relevant authorities for inspection. However, Boxmotions is not obliged to perform such inspections since You are solely and ultimately responsible for not including any prohibited or excluded items. In the event that a prohibited or excluded content is confirmed, you will be responsible for any expenses derived from this breach, including, without limitation, attorney fees, legal fees, legal proceedings and/or compensation among others.


Boxmotions will be responsible for the loss or breakage of stored objects whenever it is due to cause attributable to this part. In any case, Boxmotions offers insurance that covers the Client's objects stored up to a total of two thousand five hundred euros (€ 2,500) and per object up to a total of one hundred euros (€ 100). The coverage of this insurance policy can be extended by calling the telephone number 900 649 304.

In any case, and for cases in which the storage destination goods have a higher value, Boxmotions offers the Client the possibility of contracting an insurance that increases coverage in two alternative modalities, and that will be only applied to those items that Boxmotions has packed, otherwise, the Client will not be able to request the extension of insurance coverage:

  • Platinum Coverage: With coverage up to 3500 euros per customer and up to 200 euros per item.

  • Premium Coverage: With coverage of up to 6000 euros per customer and up to 200 euros per item.

In the case that the Client wishes to extend the coverage, he must indicate this prior to contracting. In this case, Boxmotions will indicate to the Client the additional monthly cost involved in contracting the extension of coverage for each modality based on the number of objects to be stored by the User.

In case of storing objects with a value greater than the maximum coverage stipulated in this contract, you do so at your own risk. Moreover, if you think so, you can purchase your own insurance.

Boxmotions reserves itself the right to rescind the services offered to those Users who:

  • Would not comply with the sanitary and hygiene measures recommended by the Spanish Government.

  • Would attack and/or had attacked, verbally or physically, and by any means, Boxmotions staff and/or the persons in charge of the collections and/or deliveries of the articles forementioned in this document.

  • Would endanger the physical integrity of carriers.

Boxmotions will not be responsible for failures in its Service resulting from events beyond our control or caused by third party actions. These actions are included but not limited to the following list:

  • Unforeseen in the operation of the terrestrial communications network that does not allow our team to arrive when it is due.

  • Unforeseen mechanics that do not allow our team to arrive when it is due.

  • Deliveries denied (incorrect shipping details or non-acceptance of packages).

Boxmotions does not guarantee the functioning of the Internet network. The service may not be available or limited at any time and for any reason beyond the Company's control, whether due to emergencies, connection overload, link failure, network equipment problems, transfers or signal strength. Boxmotions is not responsible for data, messages or pages lost or not saved due to performance problems by the Internet service.

In addition to the above, and to the extent permitted by law, and except as provided in these cases in these General Conditions, in no case Boxmotions will be liable for personal, accidental, special, direct or indirect damages, including, without limitation, damages for loss of benefits, loss or non-employment, loss of data, business interruption or any other commercial damage or loss, related to the use or inability to use the Platform, regardless of the cause, independently of the theory of responsibility (contractual or extra-contractual or of any other) and even if the Client has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

The Company may include links to other websites on the site with the intention of facilitating access to relevant information available on the internet. The Company is not responsible for the contents of the links between this site and others that are not managed by it. Such links or references have a purely informative purpose and in no way imply an award, approval or commercial relationship of any kind between the company and those who run or own those other websites.


The Client may request the cancellation of the service at any time. To proceed to unsubscribe from Boxmotions services, the Client must request the delivery of the objects that remain stored, through the means provided on the Platform. The date of the last delivery is the moment of execution of the withdrawal from the service.

If you have contracted a price plan with a period of permanence, keep in mind that Boxmotions does not make any refund. Consequently, you can continue using the service until the end of your contracted period.


In the event of a loss or breakage of objects contained or not in the boxes after their return, or of any claim related to the Boxmotions Service, there is a claim procedure that starts through the email address The claim must contain:

  • Explanation of the antecedents that give rise to the claim.

  • List, when applicable, of the damaged items. With a relationship with the numbering established in the waybill.

  • Pictures of the damaged items when applicable.

  • Invoices and or estimates, when applicable, for the repair.

Once the claim has been received, Boxmotions staff will analyse all the information received and will contact you as soon as possible. However, this period will not exceed in no case thirty (30) days from the receipt of the claim.

Furthermore, the Client may amicably resolve incidents that may occur during the contractual relationship through the Platform promoted by the European Commission.

In the event that the payment of any compensation is appropriate, Boxmotions will make it within a period of up to 15 business days, from the signing of the transactional agreement.


Non-payment by the Client of any of the instalments will generate late payment interest at the current legal interest rate.


The contents related to the Boxmotions brand, domains, logos, drawings or documentation, including, software, computer programs, or any element that may be protected by Intellectual or Industrial Property legislation, that may be of access to Clients are owned by Boxmotions and all rights to use them are expressly reserved.

You may use this material only in the manner expressly authorized by Boxmotions.

Any improper use of the service or breach of the obligations by the Client may result, at the discretion of Boxmotions, in the cancellation of the Client's account, or suspension of the service until the incident is resolved, if applicable.

Likewise, the Client undertakes not to withdraw, delete, alter, manipulate or in any way modify:

  • Those notes, legends, indications or symbols that either Boxmotions or the legitimate rights holders incorporate to their properties in the field of Intellectual or Industrial Property (such as copyright, ©, ® and ™, etc.).

  • The technical protection or identification devices owned by Boxmotions (such as watermarks, fingerprints, etc.).

The Client acknowledges that under these General Conditions, Boxmotions does not assign or transfer to the Client any rights over its Intellectual and / or Industrial Property titles, or over any third party properties. Boxmotions only authorizes the Client to access and use them in accordance with the terms indicated in these terms and conditions.

The Client is not authorized to copy, distribute (including emails and Internet), transmit, communicate, modify, alter, transform, assign or, in any other way, display activities that involve the commercial use of Intellectual Property rights and/or Intellectual, either partially or totally, without the express consent, granted in writing, of the legitimate owner of the exploitation rights.

The access and use of the Platform will be always and in any case for strictly personal and non-commercial purposes.

Boxmotions reserves all Industrial and / or Intellectual Property rights that apply to it.

Boxmotions does not grant any other license or authorization of use to the Client on its Property other than that expressly detailed in this clause.

Boxmotions reserves the right to resolve or modify at any time and for any reason, the licenses granted under these terms and conditions. Notwithstanding this, Boxmotions may take legal action against any use by the Client that:

  • Do not comply with the General Conditions specified here.

  • Infringe or violate the rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property or other analogues of the Company or any other legitimate third-party owner; or violate any applicable regulations.


If any of the clauses of these General Conditions were void of full right or voidable, it will be considered as not put. Such declaration of nullity will not invalidate the rest of the Contract, which will remain valid and effective between the Parties.


In the event that any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation and / or application of the General Conditions, the competent Courts shall be those established by the applicable legal regulations in matters of jurisdiction.


Boxmotions reserves the right to modify this document of the General Conditions at any time. In case of making any changes to the Conditions, these will be published on the Platform and the date of publication will be indicated, so that the Client knows the date on which said modification has been made effective. In any case, you will receive a notification via electronic means about the update of the Boxmotions Terms of Use prior to its publication on the Platform.

In any case, the changes that entail an update of the rates will not be applied to the clients that have contracted the Service prior to said modification, the rates initially contracted shall apply until the end of said period of stay. Once said period has ended, the Client may choose to continue the Boxmotions service under the new rates, or to end the provision of the service, which must notify the Company twenty (20) calendar days prior to the end of the contractual relationship and / or the period of permanence signed by Boxmotions and the Client.

Publication date: December 1st, 2020